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Fairbanks set the mold for leading men. He was portrayed as energetic and romantic, and as far as audiences women in particular could tell, this was what he was in real life. After all, he was married to the premier leading woman, Mary Pickford. Fairbanks and Pickford, both divorcees, fueled tabloids with their relationship, revealing that what created a leading man was not just his on-screen roles but his off-screen antics, as well. They were the ideal symbol of the modern couple, as divorce was becoming a new force to be reckoned with. Far from being just another dope to laugh at, The Tramp was an exaggerated and endearing figure who poked fun at the ever increasing gap between the working-class and middle-class during the early 20 century. His dashing good looks, playful attitude and confident way with words made him seem ever so classy.

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He also loves a good thriller or historical novel, and is open to memoir from authors with strong platforms. His own books include Screen Deco: The Life of Patrick Dennis, all published by St.

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Joining the Dutch Resistance when she was only 14, Hepburn put on secret ballet performances to help raise funds for the war against Hitler, and even used her cover as “a sweet little dancer” to transport secret messages. Yet another reason to love this legendary woman. Frank Sinatra The iconic singer had a lot of rumors floating about during his life and even more after his death about his possible ties to the mob — and indeed there is some evidence to support this fact.

The FBI kept Sinatra under surveillance for nearly five decades due to his personal and professional links to mafia big wigs. However, these relationships may have all been due to the fact that Sinatra was actually an informant for the Feds. According to declassified FBI documents, the “Strangers in the Night” singer volunteered to be a spy, believing his fame would be the perfect disguise. Although he was turned down according to Sinatra’s daughter Tina , the CIA took him up on his offer and placed him as a secret courier Since the internationally famed icon flew all over the world on his private jet, it was the perfect way for the CIA to get unwanted people out of the country without leaving a trail.

Christopher Lee The iconic late actor known for his roles in classic horror flicks and both the “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings” franchises was just as badass in real life as he was onscreen. Cary Grant The famous onscreen spy in such popular Hitchcock thrillers as “North by Northwest” and “Notorious” probably drew inspiration from his actual work as a spy in the real world.

Working under the front of his acting career thanks to arrangements by the M16, Grant’s main role was to sniff out Nazi supporters in Hollywood. He was successful in turning in Errol Flynn, and then turned to intercepting the mail of suspected German spies. Grant learned to crack safes and successfully hid top secret information. He even donated revenue from his film to the war efforts, which later earned him a special set of stars and stripes from the U.

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He leaves behind his girlfriend, Colleen Moore, but it looks like his arch-rival, played by a very young John Gilbert, is ready to step in to replace him. Will our hero realize what is most important before it is too late? I took on this film as a kind of personal challenge. You see, I am not the biggest fan of sports movies.

May 08,  · Douglas Fairbanks Jr Douglas Fairbanks Jr, the American actor, socialite and businessman, who has died in New York aged 90, had a struggle to escape from the shade into which he was cast by the.

A mere guests. The first Academy Awards ceremony was held in Hollywood on May 16, The name Oscar was not used for another few years. The first 12 winners and the 20 films that were given an honorary scroll of commendation had already been revealed in the Los Angeles Times three months earlier. The inaugural awards were the only time in Academy history that the ceremony wasn’t broadcast in some way; even a year later it was covered live on radio.

The venue was the downstairs Blossom Ballroom at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, a venue that had been built two years earlier and which, perhaps not coincidentally, counted Academy President Douglas Fairbanks Jr as one of its financiers. The hotel hosted the event that year only and now most online mentions of the Hollywood Roosevelt seem to be about its present status as one of the supposedly haunted hot spots of America. Even Marilyn Monroe’s ghost reportedly turns up, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Fairbanks and Academy vice president William C deMille elder brother of Cecil B deMille handed out the 30cm-high, 24 carat gold-plated britannium trophies they are gold-plated bronze now , which were still five years away from getting their Oscar nickname. The big subject of the night was talking pictures. This was the last ceremony to include silent films exclusively.

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I think that she was a good woman. Standing next to his instant infant sister and new mother and father, it is hard to imagine what Ronnie is thinking. Pickford, still very youthful looking at 52, beams confidence and for good reason.

Oct 03,  · – The Nut, starring Douglas Fairbanks – The Gold Rush, by Charlie Chaplin – His Girl Friday, directed by Howard Hawks – Steamboat Bill, Jr., with Buster Keaton – West of Hot Dog, starring Stan Laurel – Abbott and Costello’s Africa Screams/5().

Film Obituaries Douglas Fairbanks Jr Douglas Fairbanks Jr, the American actor, socialite and businessman, who has died in New York aged 90, had a struggle to escape from the shade into which he was cast by the reputation of his father, the swashbuckling hero of the silent screen. Although his father had been against his making films, especially in the same genre as his own, Doug Junior managed, especially after the death of his discouraging parent in , to prove himself hardly less zestful as a romantic adventurer.

For all his sexual energy and attraction, Fairbanks never permanently established himself as a star. To protect himself from the fate awaiting actors who fall out of fashion he cultivated wide interests outside show-business; and when he decided in his early 40s to quit the cinema, he was able to build up business interests.

He never, however, lost his feeling for the stage. Ever the well-groomed matinee idol, he retained his good looks, slim build, perfect teeth, warm smile and bright blue eyes all his life. As his father’s son, the stepson of Mary Pickford and for a few years the husband of Joan Crawford, he was always well connected; and from the s onwards he showed a particular love of England and the English way of life.

John Barrymore: A Real Life Jeckyll and Hyde

Initially, the stars of shows such as that of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West were all “real” cowboys such as Buck Taylor discussed on the preceeding page. Anotoher of the more popular cowboys associated with Wyoming in the ‘s and early ‘s was Jim Kid Willoughby Although many writers spell his name as “Kidd”, Jim spelled the name in personal correspondence as Kid. Kid told Harry Gant, an old time cowboy from from the plains of northern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming that he was born on the plains near Cheyenne.

About Us Our History. For over 60 years, the South Shore Music Circus and its sister venue, the Cape Cod Melody Tent, have been presenting world-class entertainment in the scenic Massachusetts coastal communities of Cohasset and Hyannis.

November 21, at 3: The anchor has reportedly been in a longtime relationship with Amanda Burden. But she has had an amazing career in urban planning and is far more than being just a socialite. They divorced in and she was known to neglect her children. Advertisement Barbara went on to forge another high-profile with William S. Paley, the man who transformed CBS into a mega-broadcasting giant.

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The Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Our collection is growing rapidly, and currently contains approximately artifacts in addition to thousands of pages of published materials in our news archives. The museum was founded in by a small group of Fairbanks fans, is run entirely with private funding and the efforts of our volunteer curatorial, conservation and research staff. Memorabilia from our collections has been featured in various media publications, books, documentary films, and live presentations worldwide.

Excerpts from the documentary can be viewed on YouTube.

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But she was reportedly less enamoured with the finished film, Adaptation. As played by Meryl Streep, how is Orlean portrayed in the movie? As a drug-taking adulterer whose nude pictures crop up on a porn website As a Nazi-sympathiser who writes a race-hate column for the American Patriot newsletter As a vindictive old shrew who arranges for the murder of her husband As a precious, preening New York journalist who orders domestic staff to cut the crusts off her sandwiches Author Ian McEwan has an ‘executive producer’ credit on Atonement.

According to director Joe Wright, what did this involve? He rewrote the script on a daily basis, coached the actors and arranged a dynamite distribution deal. We couldn’t have done it without him” “He sat in a few meetings. That was that” “He would occasionally come up with ideas that were often very bad. So we would respectfully decline” “He hung around the set for the first week and we would jokingly ask him to make us tea.

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