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This forced coastal progradation along the western delta front where the Ganges was situated, and much of the river’s fine-grained discharge bypassed the subaerial delta and formed a prograding deltaic clinoform on the shelf. Concurrently, Brahmaputra sediments were sequestered to an inland tectonic basin, thus starving the adjacent shoreline and leading to transgression along the eastern delta. Evolution of the tectonically active Ganges—Brahmaputra G—B system reveals important similarities and differences with other deltas. Overall facies succession follows that of basic models, progressing from an alluvial valley to coastal marine delta front to a prograding subaerial delta plain. However, the timing, thickness, and controls of these deposits differ. Overall, the huge sediment load, tectonic subsidence, major seismic events, and a nearshore canyon system have led to widespread sediment dispersal and sequence formation across the subaerial delta, shelf, and deep-sea Bengal Fan throughout the Late Quaternary. Previous article in issue.

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The sedimentary successions represent a foreshortened and condensed sequence of coastal barriers compared with those of the Coorong Coastal Plain in southern South Australia where the barrier complexes are more widely separated in response to tectonic uplift. The barriers have formed during interglacial sea-level highstands and are correlatives of genetically equivalent landforms of the Coorong Coastal Plain. In detail, however, the individual barriers represent composite structures having formed in more than one interglaciation, due to the reoccupation of Pleistocene shoreline positions during sea-level highstands of similar amplitude, in a zone of gradual basin subsidence.

History of Mesopotamia, history of the region in southwestern Asia where the world’s earliest civilization developed. The name comes from a Greek word meaning “between rivers,” referring to the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, but the region can be broadly defined to include the area that is now eastern Syria, southeastern Turkey, and most of Iraq.

View next figure 2. The Niger Delta, which is home to some 31 million people [ 24 ], occupies a total area of about 75, km2 and makes up 7. This region cuts across over oil—producing communities with an extensive network of over producing oil wells and several petroleum production—related facilities [ 25 ]. The ecological zones in the Niger Delta region can be broadly group into tropical rainforest in the northern part of the Delta and mangrove forest in the warm coastlines of Nigeria.

Mangrove forests and swamps, which are characterized by regular salt—water inundation, lie at the centre of a complex and sensitive ecosystem which is vital to the local economy and accommodates important flora and fauna [ 26 ]. The Niger Delta, which is the largest mangrove forests in Africa and the third largest in the world, is the richest part of Nigeria in terms of petroleum resources and diverse natural ecosystems supportive of numerous species of terrestrial and aquatic fauna.

Advances in evaluation and improved seismic technology showed that the Niger Delta petroleum systems consist of Lower Cretaceous lacustrine , Upper Cretaceous—lower Paleocene marine and Tertiary deltaic [ 22 ]. The geological assessment of the source material has shown that the principal source for oil and gas in the Niger Delta belonging to the tertiary deltaic petroleum system [ 22 , 23 ].

Over the past five decades, a total of about 1, exploration wells have been drilled to date in the delta basin, and about oil and gas fields of varying sizes have been documented [ 27 ]. These pioneering efforts ended abruptly with the outbreak of the World War I in The giant Bomu oil field, which has estimated ultimate recovery EUR of 0. The petroleum sector began to play a vital role in shaping the Nigerian economy and political destiny of the country in the early s.

When Nigeria became an independent nation on 1 October , Shell—BP began to relinquish its acreage and its exploration licenses were converted into prospecting licenses that allowed development and production [ 29 , 31 ].

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Vogl, a Czech immigrant, founded the vise manufacturing company naming it after the cross street where the original company building was located: The fine threaded spindle accurately fit in a horizontal anchored, unbreakable malleable nut. This created an even, central pull, which eliminated dead motion and unnatural strain on the nut.

The thread on this vise was completely enclosed keeping it clean from contaminates and well lubricated for years of smooth operation. The steel key built into the base of the main body guides the movable jaw in a precisely broached keyway which is machined to. From through , the new Wilton 40S machinist vise was manufactured in Chicago and sold solely to the US Government. Most vises were used in munitions factories or in manufacturing of equipment used during WWII.

After the war ended, the government dumped their surplus of tools and equipment into the marketplace at huge discounts.

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Just before reaching the sea it forms the second largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas: The Danube Delta is a wildlife enthusiast’s especially a bird watcher’s paradise. Travelers can spend three or more days exploring its passages, teaming with the highest concentration of bird colonies in all of Europe. The maze of canals bordered by thatch, willows and oaks entangled in lianas, offers the perfect breeding ground for countless species of birds, some of them from as far away as China and Africa.

Millions of Egyptian white pelicans arrive here every spring to raise their young, while equal numbers of Arctic geese come here to escape the harsh winters of Northern Europe. Some species of birds make Danube’s Delta their home, including cormorants, white tailed eagles and glossy ibises.

Hyksos was in fact probably an Egyptian term for “rulers of foreign lands” (heqa-khase), and it almost certainly designated the foreign dynasts rather than an ethnic group. Modern scholarship has identified most of the Hyksos kings’ names as Semitic.

Atlanta Skyline Georgia, the state’s largest city, and the seat of Fulton County. According to the U. It is also one of the most important commercial, financial, and transportation centers of the southeastern United States. Located in the northern portion of the state, Atlanta enjoys a high mean elevation—1, feet m above sea level—which distinguishes it from most other southern and eastern cities and contributes to a more temperate climate than is found in areas farther south. Atlanta was founded in , a century after Savannah , the state’s oldest city.

History The three dominant forces affecting Atlanta’s history and development have been transportation, race relations, and the “Atlanta spirit. Transportation innovations and their connections to Atlanta helped establish the city as a state and regional center of commerce and finance.

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South of this lies Babylonia , named after the city of Babylon. However, in the broader sense, the name Mesopotamia has come to be used for the area bounded on the northeast by the Zagros Mountains and on the southwest by the edge of the Arabian Plateau and stretching from the Persian Gulf in the southeast to the spurs of the Anti-Taurus Mountains in the northwest. As a result of the slow flow of the water, there are heavy deposits of silt, and the riverbeds are raised.

Consequently, the rivers often overflow their banks and may even change their course when they are not protected by high dikes. In recent times they have been regulated above Baghdad by the use of escape channels with overflow reservoirs. The extreme south is a region of extensive marshes and reed swamps, hawr s, which, probably since early times, have served as an area of refuge for oppressed and displaced peoples.

Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) has proven to be a global leader within the airline industry. Primarily, Delta provides value through domestic flights, but also offers international Delta is known for providing reliable air travel, exceptional customer service and convenience for consumers. The company.

Delta’s new red, white, and blue triangle logo the “widget” on their aircraft represented the jet’s swept wing, as well as the Greek letter delta. Convair s were added in they set a coast-to-coast record [7] and in the DC Delta became an all-jet airline in Delta launched its cargo service Delta Air Express in In December , Delta took delivery of its first , named the Spirit of Delta , which was paid for “by voluntary contributions from employees, retirees and Delta’s community partners.

The last mainline aircraft in this livery was repainted to the current livery as of July In , Delta became the first U. Delta expanded dramatically by purchasing most of Pan Am ‘s European routes after Pan Am declared bankruptcy in Delta initially explored a joint divvying-up of Pan Am’s assets with United Airlines where Delta would take over the New York-based European operations and United would take over the Miami-based Latin American operations, but the two carriers reached a major disagreement over which would assume the Pan Am Miami-London route.

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History The historical importance of Cambodia in mainland Southeast Asia is out of proportion to its present reduced territory and limited political power. Between the 11th and 13th centuries, the Khmer Cambodian state included much of the Indochinese mainland, incorporating large parts of present-day southern Vietnam , Laos , and eastern Thailand.

The cultural influence of Cambodia on other countries, particularly Laos and Thailand, has been enormous. For a discussion of Cambodian history in its regional context , see Southeast Asia, history of. Early history It is not known for certain how long people have lived in what is now Cambodia, where they came from, or what languages they spoke before writing was introduced based on a Sanskrit -style alphabet about the 3rd century ce.

The Delta Dental Community Care Foundation announced today it awarded Community Medical Centers a $, grant to expand its dental clinic in Tracy, California. Delta Dental Community Care Foundation Awards $, Grant to Winn Community Health Center.

See Article History Alternative Titles: Pharaonic Egypt thrived for some 3, years through a series of native dynasties that were interspersed with brief periods of foreign rule. After Alexander the Great conquered the region in bc, urban Egypt became an integral part of the Hellenistic world. Under the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty , an advanced literate society thrived in the city of Alexandria, but what is now Egypt was conquered by the Romans in 30 bc.

Pyramids dating from the 3rd millennium bc, Giza plateau near Cairo. Following the conquests, both urban and rural culture began to adopt elements of Arab culture, and an Arabic vernacular eventually replaced the Egyptian language as the common means of spoken discourse. The French occupation, which ended in , marked the first time a European power had conquered and occupied Egypt, and it set the stage for further European involvement.

The concern of the European powers namely France and the United Kingdom , which were major shareholders in the canal to safeguard the canal for strategic and commercial reasons became one of the most important factors influencing the subsequent history of Egypt. In a military coup installed a revolutionary regime that promoted a combination of socialism and Pan-Arab nationalism.

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From Paleolithic Man to early Woodland Indians, nomadic tribesmen left their mark in little more than arrowheads and pottery shards. Around the time of Christ a new American, the Moundbuilder, entered the northwest corner and the southern portion of the state. They did not expand their control, leaving the Woodland culture intact.

The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity is a Brotherhood rich in history and tradition. Behind our many beloved idiosyncrasies lies great historical symbolism, much of which stems from our trailblazing role in the once racially segregated U.S. military.

What we see when we see the moon is sunlight reflected off the moon. The phase of the moon is how much of the moon appears to us on Earth to be lit up by the sun. Half of the moon is always lit up by the sun, except during an eclipse, but we only see a portion that’s lit up. This is the phase of the moon. Around once per month, every As the moon circles the Earth, we can only see a portion of the lit up side. When we can’t see any of the lit up side, this is called a dark moon or new moon.

What are the different phases of the moon? As the moon orbits or circles the Earth, the phase changes. We’ll start with what is called the New Moon phase. This is where we can’t see any of the lit up side of the moon.

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