NSA files decoded: Edward Snowden’s surveillance revelations explained

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What does ,”NSA” “LTR” bBw” MEAN?

What does that mean for you? It means that every photo is current and accurate. Every post is a real person. Let that sink in for a minute.

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Part five Who’s watching The publication of the Verizon phone records order had one immediate political impact. It revealed that at a Senate committee hearing in March , the director of national intelligence, James Clapper, had given misleading testimony. Clapper changed his account to say that he had simply forgotten about collection of domestic phone records. It was passed as part of a backlash against one of the biggest controversies of that era: Fisa codified in law for the first time that the NSA was about foreign intelligence.

If there was a suspicion about a spy or some agent of a foreign power operating in the US, the NSA and the FBI could apply for a warrant in a new surveillance court, the Fisa court.

NSA Agent Used His Government Computer–And Public Funds–On Adult Dating Sites by Colin Kalmbacher | pm, December 13th, Documents from the National Security Agency (“NSA”) show an unnamed NSA employee using his government provided computer–and therefore public funds–for a series of personal issues while on the job.

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What does NSA, FWB, MBA mean? Modern dating lingo explained

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One user remarked about how the phrase must mean different things to different people. What is a “hook-up” to you? What does it mean to you when someone puts “no hook-ups” in a Tinder profile? Is there a difference between what you think it means on Tinder and what you think it’s supposed to mean in regular social context?

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If it doesn’t work out, I want to at the very least maintain a friendship with her as we’ve had a pretty swell conversation so far as well as sharing a lot of common interests such as music and film tastes. I really don’t want to be the douchebag that fucks off and leaves after a woman simply rejects him but still wants to keep in touch. Apologies in advance if I sound a little ignorant. It doesn’t say “short-term dating” or “long-term dating” on her profile but rather just “New friends” and “Activity Partners” along with “Long distance penpals” which I take to assume people overseas that share common interests Now does this “friends” and “activity partners” thing come across as a euphemism as “Friends with Benefits” type situation or is it just like it implies, ie: Don’t get me wrong, I’m cool with both those things- I love roller-coasters.

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